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                An Audience with.......James Alexander-Sinclair

                                    Hosted by The Painswick Gardening Club


We are delighted to be hosting "An Audience with.....James Alexander-Sinclair" on Friday 10th

November at the Painswick Centre, Bisley Street, Painswick, GL6 6QQ.

James is an internationally acclaimed garden designer, an elected member of the Council of

the RHS, and award winning writer with features published in the Daily Telegraph, House and

Garden and The Garden to name but a few publications and a regular columnist for Gardeners

World magazine and Gardens Illustrated. He is a well respected broadcaster and a compelling


Come and join us for a lively afternoon packed with interesting information, anecdotes and wit

- - prepare to be informed and entertained in equal measure!

Doors open at 1.45pm for a 2.30pm start.

Book in advance as numbers are limited. Tickets are £15 for non-members and £12 for

members. Non-member tickets can be purchased at the Pharmacy and the Patchwork Mouse  

in Painswick or on-line at

Both tickets can also be purchased at monthly Gardening Club meetings.


Google Painswick Gardening Club for details,

or email for specific enquires.

Book early to secure a seat for this very special afternoon.

























previewJames Alex Sin

      A VERY SPECIAL EVENT Friday 10th Nov.

Pain map


Travelling from Stroud towards Painswick on the A46:

Just as you are entering the town look for a car park on the right surrounded by a low cotswold wall, this would be an ideal place to park , within a few minutes walk of The Painswick Centre, then on through the Church Rooms passageway, following the path past the Church towards The Painswick Centre. (see map) via St Marys Street to Bisley Street.

Travelling from Gloucester towards Painswick from the Becon direction:

There is the opportunity to park in the grounds of The Rococo Gdns on the right as you approach Painswick. If travelling on the A46 follow the directions as if coming from Stroud.

Travelling from Cheltenham towards Painswick:

Make your way through the traffic lights, heading towards Stroud and look out for the car park on the left as you are leaving Painswick, then follow the directions in the first paragraph. If the car park is full there is some roadside parking or The Rococo Gdns.