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Whatever your level of interest, knowledge or experience, you will be given a warm welcome at the Painswick Gardening Club. We meet at the Church Rooms in Painswick on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm.                            


Benefits of Membership 

Apart from our members, collectively offering a huge range of knowledge, we have something for 11 months of the year, including a series of presentations on topics suggested by Members from distinguished practitioners in each field and some special outings:


- Visits to wonderful gardens and nurseries throughout the year

-  Extra curricular activities - e.g. Plant Sale, Wreath making at Christmas, Willow weaving          

- 10% discount for members at a specialist nursery                                        


The annual membership subscription is just £18 and there is no joining fee. Visitors are charged £4 at the entrance. We produce a regular update in the Painswick Beacon and encourage members to receive information by email which is quicker, easier and less expensive. Special notices are available at the monthly meetings.


Subscriptions are due in September each year.

Apply for an application form - please contact our Membership Secretary, Judith Stevens on 01452 812254. Alternatively come along to one of our meetings and find out more. We  ask  that  cheques  are  made  payable  to:  The  Painswick  Gardening  Club or please bring the correct money.