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The Painswick Gardening Club

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About us

We are not a stuffy, ageing group of garden, flower and vegetable boffins! We are just a group of people of all ages who love gardens and gardening. We share tips and advice and there is always someone who can offer a few gardening tricks.We meet each month and have interesting speakers, plant sales and demonstrations. The speakers are from many and varied backgrounds from explorers to Chelsea Garden medal winners and gardening companies to specialist nurseries.  It is worth joining just to listen to the speakers. We all love learning new things and are delighted to welcome those with absolutely no knowledge of gardens and plants to the very knowledgeable, and invite you to join or renew your membership withThe Painswick Gardening Club.

Membership runs for 11 months from September to July.

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Formerly known as the Painswick Horticultural Society, this gardening club pre-dates most of us, having been in existence, like many, and effectively earning the accolade of “a village institution” for well over 60 years. Formed as part of the Dig for Victory campaign to encourage and educate ordinary people to grow food in gardens and allotments. The societies became very popular in all villages and rapidly became village institutions. We are proud to be part of its continued history.


Please come along and meet us.