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Talks and events for 2018


Jan 10th:     Fiona Warin     Lost the Plot

A knowledgeable and amusing account on Allotment history and Digging for victory, from the time of the Enclosures to more recents times with Television programmes greatly influencing allotment gardening.

*** Bring a Friend for Free. We are inviting all PGC Members to get a Friend along on Jan 10th - at no extra cost!

Feb 14th:     Timothy Walker    On top but never in control - tales from a small garden 

This is a story of the development of the garden during twenty years but also the gardeners and gardens that has influenced the style of planting. Timothy was the director of the Oxford Botanic Garden for 26 years, he is now a lecturer in Plant Sciences at Somerville College Oxford.

Mar 14th:     Ross Barbour    Bulbs for the unusual

Ross presents a selection of choice bulbs, a mix of familiar and the more unusual. The plants he has selected have a link with people from the world of horticulture past and present. Some cultivation tips may come up.

A professional gardener for nearly 30 years, Ross has worked on different estates across Scotland and been the Head Gardener at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. He is now look after the Picton Garden with his wife Helen Picton.

April 11th:     Val Bourne    Roses and Peones - a match marriage made in heaven

Val is an award-winning Garden writer, lecturer and organic gardener. The talk will follow the history of peony breeding, the use as a companion plant for roses and recommend varieties.

May                Annual Plant Sale. Date to be confirmed.

May 9th:       Jill and Alun Whitehead     Irises for the Natural Garden

Jill and Alun are longstanding members of the Hardy Plant Society, act as Co-ordinators for Plant Heritage in Herefordshire and have a National Collection of Siberial Iris at their Auden Farm Garden Nr Leominster.

June 13th:    Outing/Garden Visit.  Details to follow.

July 11th:        AGM

Sept 12th:     Samantha Hopes     Winter in Bloom

The talk will highlight the whole range of winter flowering scrubs, herbaceous plants and bulbs and tempt us into the garden in the winter months. Samantha will also bring home propagated Plants for Sale from her nursery.

Oct 10th:       Jon Mason     Autumn / Winter Baskets and Containers

Nov 14th        tbd

Dec 12th:       Christmas Quiz